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The BLACK HAWK Helicopter Experts 

Delta 7 Group, LLC

We offer our clients a turnkey solution: Refurbished Sikorsky BLACK HAWK helicopters, flight training, maintenance training, ground support, and spare parts.

The BLACK HAWK Helicopter

The BLACK HAWK is the primary medium lift helicopter for the U.S. Army performing a wide range of missions that encompass Air Assault, MEDEVAC, Combat search and Rescue, Command and Control, and VIP transport. The BLACK HAWK helicopter has proven itself both in combat and peace time missions. It is the U.S. military's combat utility helicopter of choice as well as 27 other nations.

Refurbished Black Hawk (UH-60) Helicopters

The battle-proven Sikorsky UH-60 is considered the safest and most reliable medium-duty utility helicopter in the world. Our helicopters have an estimated 20-year life.

Helicopter Maintenance
7 integrates its maintenance or modification team into the customer’s existing maintenance systems and specifications for quality assurance and continuity of logistics. We incorporate “best practices” and advise the customer on ways to improve their programs based on our civil and military helicopter maintenance experience.

Helicopter Training
7 provides comprehensive rotary-wing training customized to each client’s equipment and procedures on location. Fight training for pilots, crew chiefs, and flight engineers is based on validated programs of instruction to ensure a proficient and safe aircrew. Maintenance training models utilize theory and hands-on applications. Skycore also coordinates formal training at international schools using existing accounts to expedite requirements.

Helicopter Operations
Our pilots performs flight operations with or without the client’s helicopter pilots–either as a member of the client’s existing aircrew or as an independent, fully integrated aircrew. We operate in the day, night or night vision goggle mode in all environments and are adept in missions ranging from VIP to special operations.

New and Used Parts

Delta 7 offers new and used parts for Sikorsky helicopters.

Robinson Helicopters

Delta 7 offers Robinson Helicopters to select countries through its aviation partner. Available helicopters: R22, R44, an the R66 Turbine.