Are you a CEO looking for added protection, someone with domestic issues in your life, do you transport money or sensitive documents, are you an entertainer looking to protect your privacy, or a church leader that sparks controversy?  DELTA 7’s Personal Protection Officers and Executive Protection program can be the solution to your concerns.

General Duties of a “Personal Protection Officer”

A bodyguard used to conjure an image of a hulking figure that didn’t talk much, but would “crush” any threat that arose. Nowadays, professional Personal Protection Officers must be alert, polite, unassuming, but fully prepared to protect the client in a manner that minimizes risk of liability and injury.

DELTA 7 Personal Protection Officers have military or police experience, and are trained in a minimum of 40-plus hours of less-lethal defensive tactics, 40-plus hours of firearms, 32 hours of Executive Protection, first aid and CPR, customer service and conflict resolution. Other relevant training includes defensive driving, threat assessment, and public relations. This provides you a competent, certified Personal officer to handle whatever needs may arise.

DELTA 7 Personal Protection Officers are licensed through all applicable state agencies.

Spousal Protection / Escorts
Personal Protection Officers (PPOs) may be just what you need if you are going through an ugly divorce or a domestic situation. If you need to move items out of a residence, travel to and from work safely, go out with friends for dinner, or just go about your daily routine without fear of assault or incident, a PPO may be just what you need.

Celebrities, Politicians, Entertainers
Being a high-profile celebrity or entertainer often brings about over-zealous fans, angry competition, or pushy media members. A PPO trained in customer service and proper verbal deescalation skills, along with a professional appearance and attitude, can protect your image, while keeping you safe at home, at your workplace, or while traveling.

Pastoral Bodyguard Service
Hate crimes in the nation’s 10 largest cities increased by 12 percent last year, reaching the highest level in more than a decade, according to a report released Monday by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University at San Bernardino.

Many churches and ministries are recognizing the need to have trained personnel to respond to aggressive visitors, protesters, or disgruntled clergy. Some churches and ministries use their own members for their “security team”. Simply having a Concealed Handgun permit and a few hours of training is not a good alternative and may be a violation of state regulations. Remember that when acting as your security team, the church or individual pastor is liable for all actions, including any potential use of force.

Short-Term Travelling Persons / Valuables (Courier Service)
Transporting money or sensitive documents poses inherent risks, Delta 7 Personal Protection Officers can act as “couriers” for you or with you, giving you the confidence that a well-trained professional is by your side or observing at a distance.

Terminations and Executive Protection in the Workplace
Terminations can range from routine to high-risk, sometimes changing rapidly as they occur. Delta 7 Personal Protection Officers can provide an obvious or discreet presence in the area and ensure the safety of your management personnel. Delta 7 Executive Protection Officers provide the security level needed to ensure your safety, without alerting the public or disrupting your workplace or home life. Delta 7 provides “house-sitting” service to executives who want peace of mind when under threat or out of town.

Delta 7 Executive Protection Service offers a full-spectrum solution to the personal protection needs of your situation and environment.

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