Our Consultancy Programs

Delta 7 Group, LLC

DELTA 7 prides itself in the highest levels of professionalism, expertise and integrity and is pleased to offer the following services:

DELTA 7 offers technical surveillance consulting and project management services to U.S. and foreign law enforcement, intelligence, military technical surveillance units, and U.S. Government contractors.

DELTA 7 offers a series of courses providing fundamental and practical training in the use of technical surveillance equipment in support of law enforcement, military and intelligence operations. The courses are taught by recognized Subject Matter Experts from the FBI, elite military units, and members of the academia. DELTA 7’s primary goal is to ensure technical operators reach the level of mastery of skills required to conduct safe and successful technical operations. The program includes fundamental and practical courses that teach how to use technical surveillance equipment to support law enforcement, intelligence and military operations in the United States and abroad.

A list of DELTA 7 training courses is available upon request.

DELTA 7 experts are available to assist law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies and the military with the development of comprehensive technical surveillance programs. All aspects of an organization’s technical surveillance is studied, refined and/or recreated and aligned to better serve current and anticipated agency needs, wants and expectations. Available services include the design of state-of-the-art technical surveillance facilities, collection platforms, the writing of Policies and Procedures (personnel, operational policies, legal matters, financial matters, asset management, and equipment policies), and the design of training and technical programs. In addition, DELTA 7 offers mentoring programs for Technical Managers and Technical Operators.

​DELTA 7 offers expertise in the design of state-of-the-art Technical Training & Operation facilities consistent with premier law enforcement requirements. DELTA 7 provides consultancy in the design and specification of all required specialized equipment. DELTA 7’s expertise lies with the accurate and efficient process of designing highly specialized facilities necessary to accomplish sophisticated technical investigations and operations. This role includes the design, identification, procurement oversight, installation oversight and accreditation of the specialized equipment incorporated into the training/operation center. Specialized equipment is defined as the unique and specialized hardware and infrastructures necessary to perform a specific technical operation within the identified workspace.

DELTA 7 Group offers expert consultation in the design and construction of secure work spaces for agencies requiring a secure area to process Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) level classified information. DELTA 7 experts will ensure the facility design incorporate all the latest standards and requirements consistent with individual, commercial, and government regulations. SWE design consultancy exceeds set standards for telecommunication infrastructures, IT resources, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, and physical construction directives. Fully certified in the latest standards of SWE operations, DELTA 7 specialists provide comprehensive consultation and construction management services for SWE facility accreditation through the project’s entire inception, planning, construction, and final acceptance phases.